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Read the Honest Titles Instead

Experience Clarity in Every Article with Our AI-Driven Insights

Save Time, Gain Truth, Skip the Sensationalism

How linnk works

Right on the same page you are reading

Instant Clickable Summaries

Key points in the summary directly linked to the relevant paragraph.

Logic Uncovered

Our AI analyzes and exposes the core arguments and reasoning within the article

Data, Organized

Important facts and figures are neatly arranged for easy comprehension or takeaway

Stay on the page

Streamline your reading with our integrated sidebar, keeping everything in one window for effortless navigation

Content Saved

Notes collected automatically in one place for future use

Multi-Language Clarity

Seamless switch between languages, maintaining effortless understanding

Content Core In a Glance

What every headline should really be

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data Large.jpeg

Key Info Distilled

Quickly pull out important numbers, stats, and quotes

Summary to full text Seamlessly, In Any Language

Gain a complete overview instantly and navigate directly to your point of interest with just one click

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Dive into high-quality content with clarity and skip the rest, with Linnk AI

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